Gossard was founded in 1901 and up until the 1960s was famous for its corsetry to be worn under dresses. The 1940s and 50s Gossard began to create shapewear creating lighter fabrics for the post war woman. In the 1960s the focus was on great bras for bigger busts as Gossard noticed peoples busts were getting bigger. The rest as they say is history. Now a world renowned brands famous for the Superboost, Glossies and Ooh La La range. Gossard is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with.

More on Gossard

Gossard is a world renowned brand famous for many things. Gossard bras are some of the most comfortable you will ever own. They wash well and have great durability because of the brilliant material they are made out of.

Gossard has been going for years and has a great reputation in the lingerie industry due to them being around before the rise of the bra and therefore having a great background in corsetry and dressmaking. Gossard have always been famous for their amazing shapewear and now they have moved towards great bra sets. Gossard previously owned the now very famous brand Wonderbra and sold it as the licence ran out in 1994. You know you are in great hands if you have  a bigger bust as Gossard were one of the first brands to latch on to the idea that peoples busts are growing and therefore they need more support for their bras. Most Gossard bras have removable padding and therefore if you have a bigger bust you don’t have to worry if you like a bra, you don’t have to worry about the padding you can remove it.

Gossard bras are world renowned and we would like to guide you through some of our best sellers.

Gossard Ooh La La

We love the Gossard Ooh La La set. This set has a gorgeous retro and vintage feel and is one of our best selling products. We love the ivory long line strapless from Gossard with matching short for bridal wear. Gossard bridal lingerie is so popular and in fact this set is one of the best-selling bridal lingerie sets. This set offers many different styles of bra so you can get the support you need and it can match any style of dress. There is the long line plunge bra, long line strapless and also a regular plunge bra. This Gossard set isn’t just for bridal wear however as it is available in ivory and in rose. This set is so stunning if you want to wear this set for everyday the plunge bra is great for any size as any light padding is removable. If you want this set for a special occasion we love the strapless or long line bra.

Gossard Superboost

The original and classic Gossard set. This Gossard set offers you the added boost as well as some great colour options. The Superboost is available in both lace and non-lacy materials so you can have the best of both worlds. Hurry up and buy yours as Gossard say they may be replacing this classic with something else!

Gossard Glossies

This Gossard bra set was invented because Gossard realised that bra sizes were increasing and that people with bigger busts do want to look sexy too. Gossard decided on making the perfect bra for someone with a bigger bust whilst making the bra in a sheer silky material to look great on. This bra was supposed to get rid of the myths that people with bigger busts can’t wear sexier bras. This bra has certainly dispelled many myths and become a firm favourite as Gossard reintroduced it based on the previous success.