Great lingerie means many things, fantastic bra sets, basques and corset and suspenders. Buying lingerie can be difficult, so we’ve tried to make it a little easier. What lingerie are you looking for? A set? A bra? Sexy lingerie? It’s normally easier to choose the bra first, then when you click on the item you are able to see the matching products we have! If you want to filter your lingerie by size or colour you can do this on the menu on the right! Great lingerie at great prices from Lingerie Please!

Our favourite Lingerie

Great Lingerie at Lingerie Please

Great lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for everybody, some people prefer something like a traditional bra set whereas other people may want some shaping aspects to there underwear of perhaps something that covers more of the body. There are also many different types of lingerie also for every occasion including bridal and maternity as well as lingerie for everyday as well as sexy sets for romantic breaks or special dates. Triumph makes some of the best lingerie.

Buying lingerie for her

When buying lingerie for her you have to think about a few main points, firstly consider what sort of things she already wears. Look at the items she wears that you like also that are special and that will give you a good indication of the kind of things she likes. Next, look at the size on the label, this should tell you what size she is and give you something to go off if you want it to be a surprise. Make sure you have a look at what sort of style and colours she originally wears so that you know she will definitely like it.

Lingerie to impress

Sexy lingerie for when you want to impress that special someone doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be a sexy lingerie set that is black and lacy or red and sheer or it can be something completely different and out of the box such as a bright coloured lingerie set that’s designed to wow or perhaps something a bit more risqué like a basque or corset that is designed to stop that special someone in there tracks.

Lingerie for every occasion

Lingerie for every occasion is very important as often it is the last thing we think about but often it can make the most impact. Great lingerie under your clothes makes your clothes look better and you feel better. Lingerie is very important at many stages of your life from everyday to sexy lingerie that’s designed to impress as well as bridal lingerie for your special and maternity lingerie that sees you through from pregnancy to nursing.

Lingerie for everyday

Lingerie for everyday wear is so important as comfortable lingerie makes such a big difference with everything you wear, if you feel comfortable underneath your clothes you feel better about yourself so that means great basics that fit beautifully. That means no baggy waist band at the back, just enough room for two fingers, also the front centre panel should sit flush against your breast bone and the cup should contain your bust properly and not be baggy or too tight created the dreaded double boob scenario.

Lingerie for your body type

Lingerie for your body type is so important. Great lingerie has the ability to alter your figure to look the way you want it to as well as being gorgeous it can also be practical and functional too. Great lingerie will nip and tuck the bits you don’t like whilst boosting and accentuating the bits that you do. When choosing your lingerie you need to think what bits do I like about myself that I want to show off and which bits do I want to hide? Once you know this then you can

Make sure you have something for every occasion so you can look great no matter what you are wearing and accentuate all of your best bits.