Bra Styles

There are many different styles of bras, and even more sizes!  A lot of women are actually currently wearing the wrong size bra, and the wrong style for their body shape.

The correct style of bra will enhance your curves and make you feel fantastic..  Not only will you have a perfect, smooth silhouette, you will also be comfortable whilst looking great!


The balcony bra is great for an everyday and more subtle look which gives you a boost from underneath, providing a rounded cleavage. Many sexy and fashionable looks come in a balcony bra, just like our Georgiana Bra and the Kimono Bra from Gossard.


 Give yourself an almighty cleavage with a super plunge bra! For those who want the sexiest cleavage in the bars and nightclubs, a plunge bra is for you. Gossard Satin Superboost Plunge Bra is perfect for this, along with the other members of the Superboost range.  Wonderbra also have a great new product coming soon, which is said to be the lightest push up bra yet, which enhances your cleavage dramatically and adds 2 cup sizes! Watch out for this! Freya also has a best selling plunge bra, the Arabella, which is very seductive and gives a great shape.


 A T-Shirt Bra is a must have, it’s the perfect basic bra.  With no seams or eccentric detailing, it shows a smooth shape under tight fitting basic t shirts.  These bras can be worn with almost anything, and are known for how comfortable they are, perfect for everyday wear.  The Panache Porcelain Moulded Bra is a favourite t shirt bra, and so is the Wonderbra Smokin Moulded.


Perfect for parties and with those glamorous dresses, the strapless bra will never die!  No-one wants to see ugly bra straps with a beautiful strapless dress, so show off your shoulders and get a push up boost at the same time to look and feel utterly fabulous!  We recommend the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless and the Panache Strapless!


 Similar to the strapless, you can hide those bra straps, forever!  The multiway bra is ideal for when you don’t necessarily need to go strapless; they just need moving to one side or across a little.  With the bra being so versatile in the fact that it can be worn at least 50 ways, and that’s us counting!  We highly recommend the Wonderbra Multiplunge Bra; not only are you able to wear it so many different ways, but it also gives you a fabulous cleavage and shape!


 All bras give support and shape.  Some are specifically designed just to support the wearer, such as our best selling Triumph Doreen Bra.  This bra is great for women who have had surgery, or who just need that extra bit of comfort and support.  With no padding or underwiring, the bra feels like you are wearing a t-shirt, whilst ensuring maximum support too!  Other bras that are very popular like this one are the Triumph Claudette Front Fastening Bra and the Triumph Soft Sensation Bra. 

There are other types of support bras, such as the ones specifically made for women with larger breasts.  Wonderbra’s D-G range is fabulous for support and giving a great shape, with products such as the Wonderbra D-G Lace Push Up In Black/Skin – As seen on Gok Wan’s How To look Good Naked!  Freya and Fantasie also go up to larger sizes, some going up to an H cup.  The Freya Arabella Plunge Bra and not only very feminine and sexy, but also goes up to a G cup and is very supportive! Perfect!


 The main necessity for keeping fit is a fantastic sports bra!  Without it you will end up with heavy and drooping breasts and not to mention, the treadmill will probably be a no go with the pain!  So, as we’ve agreed a sports bra is a must, we’ve selected the best out there for you.  The Triumph Tri-Action Extreme Bra was made to mix fashion and function, as not only is it a great supportive sports bra, it also looks great as a sports top for you eager ones!  With the highly advanced fabrics, your skin is able to breathe making the gym an enjoyable (and not sweaty!) experience!  We also recommend the Shock Absorber Classic Sports Bra; being one of the best selling products for Shock Absorber ever, we know that this product is definitely highly rated!  The Freya Active Under-Wired Sports Bra has been nominated for awards, what with its unique design and its perfect fit, this bra is definitely one you will keep buying and buying.  Sports bras have many different price points, so we hope to have covered all prices for you!