Basques and Corsets

A basque and corset is the key piece when it comes to spicing up your love life and feeling ultra sexy. A basque or corset can transform any body shape to nip you in at those areas to make you feel like the goddess you are! From bridal corsets to seductive basques, there is a large selection you can now choose from. Get all eyes on you and show of that sexy new body of yours! Shop our great range of basques and corsets today! 

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Basques And Corsets 

Basques and corsets are a great sexy alternative to your regular lingerie, perfect for the bedroom or for a special occasion. There are many styles available whether you want to cover a certain aspect of your figure or perhaps you want to enhance a certain area. A corset and basque can do just that. The beauty of corsetry is it has the extra bit of support and therefore you can pull certain bits in or enhance certain parts.


Basques are similar to corsets in that they have a corset type detail and cover a similar amount however they are not as restrictive as a corset. They have more of a loose fit however are still bra sized and therefore quite good if you have a larger bust as they are very flattering. Basques don’t have the bones on the stomach area like a corset does and therefore are more comfortable to wear and the lace up at the back (if they have it) is not as restricting.


Corsets are a great sexy lingerie staple. They make you feel fantastic as they suck i9n your stomach and boost your bust and look great with a pair of hold ups. Corsets are fantastic if you have areas of your body you aren’t happy with but you like to dress up in the bedroom or perhaps you have a more theatrical personality and you love to dress up and look your best. It isn’t for the light hearted as there is some effort involved. However a great corset looks amazing!